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#SpeakYourSexy | A Declaration of Beauty, Truth & Positivity

Real Beauties. Owning their Sexy. And Speaking their Truth.

Giving Power to Your Words

Our #SpeakYourSexy campaign is a manifesto to empowerment through lipstick.  Lips are the channel thru which you speak and your words have power. We celebrate our brand ambassadors' missions by donating a minimum of 10% of sales to a non-profit charity of their choice. 

Get lipstick, support Beautiful Self!

When you buy any SEXY NUDES LIP TRIO or WARRIOR RED LIPSTICK from our website forever indefinitely, Beautiful Self gets a $10 donation!!! 

In this clip, Beautiful Self Co-Founder Jillian is wearing Naughty Nude from the SEXY NUDES LIP TRIO I | NUDE NUDES. The Sexiest Beauty Founder Heather is in Warrior Red from the SEXY NUDES LIP TRIO III | NUDE REDS


I love these products! Used the liquid matte lipstick in red so that I’d still have lipstick on for a performance. First time EVER that I looked in the mirror after a performance and still had lipstick on! I adore that it stays like a stain, but looks like a lipstick. It’s NOT sticky. Hallelujah! The gloss I bought made it so pretty like a regular lipstick. I love the gloss too! Beautiful and emollient on its own. I’ll be ordering more colors! 

Eileen Johnson Oddo (Concert Pianist|Instructor)

I absolutely love that both formulas are not only super saturated and luxe in texture but also with versatile build ability. Range of use is crucial whether you're a pro beauty artist or an everyday beauty queen... options are EVERYTHING!

Dawn Nicole (Pro|Celeb Make-Up Artist)

Dance-proof, drink-proof and kiss-proof. Everything a dancer needs for a night on the town, on or off stage. Lasted thru 4 hours of sweaty dancing.... I'm obsessed.

Daniela ( Dancer| "Downtown Show Pony")