The Story Behind Our Breast Cancer Awareness Partnership with Beautiful Self Organization

Today, I want to share with you how and why I started working with Beautiful Self.

You see...
I knew and adored the co-founder of Beautiful Self, Jillian, for a long time, since our days together at QVC.
Then, we re-connected (ok I semi-girlcrush-stalked her) when I started The Sexiest Beauty.
She told me about what she'd been through with her own breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and how she and Michele created Beautiful Self to help others going through those same experiences.
Her story moved me deeply.
I was so inspired by their mission to empower survivors and fighters of breast cancer.
What could I do to help?  That simple re-connection one woman to another led me to partner with this incredible organization for over 3 years now.  Not just in October. If you remember, we did this last April, too. Here's their Thank You message!

They work hands-on with their community to embrace their beauty through phototherapy sessions, captured as the Beautiful Self Diaries.

It combines all of the pillars of our mission...

..the core of giving back with great products

...empowerment, and educating the community with tips & tricks from the pros- Jillian, an incredibly talented makeup artist.

Actually, MATTESHEEN S-Proof Liquid Lipstick in WARRIOR RED  is named by the Beautiful Self community whose proceeds go directly to Beautiful Self year-round.

And this month, we will donate $10 for every item purchased to Beautiful Self.

It's been the biggest blessing and reward of our brand's journey as well as my own and THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF THAT, HEATHER FINK. 

I've gotten to know and love each and every one of the members on a personal basis and each of their beautiful stories.  It's the gift that keeps on giving and we receive far more from them than we can ever possibly give in return. 

Thanks for reading!

To more communities we can serve,

Heather Fink, Founder of the Sexiest Beauty

P.S. Love this clip of Jillian and I talking all things Sexy Nudes Lip Trios, another item whose proceeds go directly to Beautiful Self year-round.

Image of SEXY NUDES LIP TRIO III | Nude Reds


This set is also created for them

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